As a social community manager, I often get asked “how to build a community” or “where to start when investing in a community.” I always come back to the analogy of building a community is like growing a plant. The more time I spend in my garden, growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers, the more I realize this is what it’s like when building out a community space. The steps, process, and timeline all amount to the same end goal — growth.

So I figured the best way to write an article that explains the process of building a community would…

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I am a Social Media Community Manager at one of the best companies I’ve had the opportunity to work for. I truly love what I do and find that each day I am challenged by my team, the changes in the industry and by learning new ways to connect with others. Being in the world of social media, and I mean really in the world of it, I have found that this career choice was really the best thing I could have done for myself.

It Wasn’t Always Like This Though

Since first grade, I told myself I was going to be an elementary school teacher…

Krystal Wu

Social Media Community Manager @HubSpot. A people person. Tea drinker with a side of laughter.

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