Making Career Changes Can Be Hard And Scary (But Worth It)

Krystal Wu
3 min readJun 28, 2018
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I am a Social Media Community Manager at one of the best companies I’ve had the opportunity to work for. I truly love what I do and find that each day I am challenged by my team, the changes in the industry and by learning new ways to connect with others. Being in the world of social media, and I mean really in the world of it, I have found that this career choice was really the best thing I could have done for myself.

It Wasn’t Always Like This Though

Since first grade, I told myself I was going to be an elementary school teacher. All throughout my school years and even early college, I pursued my passion of becoming a teacher. I yearned to help others and really mold the minds of young ones to give them the best fighting chance to achieve their goals. Teaching in my mind was my heart and soul (and still is).

Midway through college, I met with my college adviser about how my year went, what my progress to graduating looked like, and how I should best prepare myself. There came a moment, in that very office, that I just realized becoming a teacher might not be the path I want to take. It was a strange feeling because for my whole life I thought I knew what I wanted. Changing my course of direction in life seemed scary. I spent hours in that room with my adviser working through what else drives me, my heart and passion.

It Finally Clicked

At that moment we decided it was time to make a switch and move into marketing. I didn’t know exactly what direction in marketing I was going to take — but I knew that it was the right step for me and for my constant hunger for growth. Teaching is always in my heart, but I took those values to my new adventure into the marketing world and ran with it.

In my very first semester of college, I met a teacher that changed my adult life. He was a professor for Social Media Marketing. His passion, enthusiasm, and excitement about the world of social took my breath away. I couldn’t get enough of his class and curriculum. I wanted my pulse to be on the social world more than anything. To be honest, it was also the class I aced without even considering it to be work. I did this because I love connecting with people. Connection with people is what motivates me to get out of my comfort zone, learn more and strive to always grow.

It was the first time I felt that this new change was for the best.

Change Is Possible

Fast forward to graduating college, going through multiple internships and a few jobs, I’ve landed my first career — doing what I love, building connections. As a social media community manager, I realize that this role was made for me. It encompasses everything I knew and loved about social, teaching, community, connection, and technology. Looking back now I realized that making that change was scary but the fact that I pushed through it, applied myself, and continued to have the drive to succeed was all worth it.

To anyone out there thinking a change in your path seems scary or far off just know that you aren’t alone. It’s been done before by others and as someone with experience, my advice to you would be, go for it!

Change is a beautiful thing.

Looking back now I’m happy with myself because I realized I learned to reflect on that feeling and take a chance.

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